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A Simple Guide to Multiple Myeloma

A Simple Guide to Multiple Myeloma——————————————– What is Multiple Myeloma?——————————–Multiple myeloma is cancer of the bone marrow which occurs from the uncontrolled growth of plasma cells, a form of immune-protective white blood cells.Normally plasma cells make antibodies to fight infections.The … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Blood Cancer

A Simple Guide to Blood Cancer————————————–What are Blood Cancer?—————————- Blood cancer consists of mainly lymphoma, leukaemia and multiple myeloma. These cancers developed either in the bone marrow or the lymphatic tissues of the body. These three types of blood cancers … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Lymphoma

A Simple Guide to Lymphoma———————————– What is Lymphoma?———————— Lymphoma is a cancer of the tissue of the lymphatic system where there is a large number of abnormal white blood cells called lymphocytes causing swelling of lymph nodes or involvement of … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Stomach Cancer

A Simple Guide to Stomach Cancer—————-What is Stomach Cancer?—————–Stomach cancer (also called “gastric cancer”) is the growth of abnormal cells in the lining and wall of the stomach which mutates and proliferates giving rise to the stomach cancer .Stomach Cancer … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Liver Cancer

A Simple Guide to Liver Cancer—————- What is Liver Cancer?————— Liver Cancer develops when the liver cells undergo abnormal changes to form cancer cells.Most Primary cancer of the liver begins as mutated hepatocytes(liver cells).Secondary cancer of the liver is due … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Bladder Cancer

A Simple Guide to Bladder Cancer —————– What is Bladder Cancer? —————– Bladder cancer is a growth of abnormal cells forming a malignant tumour in the bladder. Most bladder cancers start in the inner lining of the bladder. What are … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Ovarian Cancer

A Simple Guide to Ovarian Cancer————– What is Ovarian Cancer?—————- Ovarian Cancer is a disease which cause abnormal cells in the ovary to proliferate and spread to the rest of the ovary or outside the ovary.What are the different types … Continue reading

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