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A Simple Guide to Stomatitis

A Simple Guide to Stomatitis———————————– What is Stomatitis? ————————– Stomatitis means inflammation of the mouth What are the Causes of Stomatitis?——————————————— There are many many disorders which can cause Stomatitis:1.Bacteria, viruses, fungus 2.avitaminosis 3.leukemia,agranulocytosis 4.Dental problems,poor fitting denture, poor dental … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Cystitis

A Simple Guide to Cystitis—————————— What is Cystitis?———————- Cystitis is an acute or chronic infection of the urinary bladder. What are the causes of Cystitis?—————————— Cystitis is usually caused by the following: 1. ascending infection of the urinary bladder from … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Cholera

A Simple Guide to Cholera——————————— What is Cholera?————————— Cholera is an acute infectious illness caused by the Vibrio cholorae bacteria. What is the cause of Cholera?———————————- The bacteria which causes Cholera is the Vibrio cholorae which is an extremely hardy … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Cervical Spondylosis

A Simple Guide to Cervical Spondylosis——————————————— What is Cervical Spondylosis?———————————- Cervical Spondylosis is a degenerative disease of the joints of the cervical spine(neck), causing pain in the neck and nerve root irritation. Who get Cervical Spondylosis?————————————- Every one can get … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Urticaria

A Simple Guide to Urticaria——————————— What is Urticaria?———————- Urticaria is an itchy rash that occurs rapidly anywhere on the body. The rash may occur often simultaneously at multiple sites.It is usually temporary disappearing after 24 hours although new rashes may … Continue reading

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