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A Simple Guide to Alcoholism

A Simple Guide to Alcoholism——————————————- What is Alcoholism?————————— Alcoholism is a chronic disease manifested by a pattern of pathological alcohol usage with inability to stop drinking more than temporary resulting in physical, psychological and social consequences. Who is at risk … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Coeliac Disease

A Simple Guide to Coeliac Disease——————————————— What is Coeliac Disease?——————————– Coeliac Disease(Gluten Enteropathy) is a chronic disease of the small intestine which affects the lining of the small intestine to develop abnormalities on contact with gluten. The small bowel mucosa … Continue reading

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A Simple guide to Raynaud’s Disease

A Simple Guide to Raynaud’s Disease———————————————— What is Raynaud’s Disease?————————————┬áRaynaud’s Disease is a transient vasospasm of small arteries of the hand precipitated by cold.There is typical whiteness and blueness of fingers. Causes are:1.classically cold precipitated, more common in winter2.Emotional factors … Continue reading

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A Simple guide to Legionnaire’s Disease

A Simple guide to Legionnaire’s Disease —————————————————- What is Legionnaire’s Disease?——————————————-Legionnaire’s Disease is an acute, infectious disease of the respiratory tract caused by the bacillus Legionella pneumophilia, a Gram negative, non-sporulating aerobic micro-organism..The bacteria is found mostly in soil and … Continue reading

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