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A Simple Guide to Amoebiasis

A Simple Guide to Amoebiasis—————————————— What is Amoebiasis?————————— Amoebiasis is an acute infectious illness caused by the  parasite Entoamoeba histolytica. What is the cause of Amoebiasis?———————————- The bacteria which causes Amoebiasis is the Entmoeba histytica which is an extremely hardy parasite … Continue reading

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A Simple guide to Reye’s Syndrome

A Simple Guide to Reye’s Syndrome————————————————– What is Reye’s Syndrome?———————–Reye’s Syndrome is an acute hepatitis and metabolic encephalopathy occurring in children. 1.Liver usually shows microvesicular fatty infiltration 2. The brain shows cerebral edema with herniation Causes are not completely known … Continue reading

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A Simple guide to Buerger’s Disease

A Simple guide to Buerger’s Disease————————————————– What is Buerger’s Disease?———————–Buerger’s Disease is an uncommon form of arterial obstructive disease of the large and medium sized peripheral arteries of legs in men under age 40 giving rise to intermittent claudication. Occasionally … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Syncope

A Simple guide to Syncope———————————— What is Syncope?———————–Syncope is a temporary loss of consciousness resulting from inadequate cerebral blood supply. Causes:A.Vasomotor:1.Vagal slowing of heart and reduction of blood pressure from fear, severe pain or psychogenic disturbance 2.Hemorrhage or circulatory fluid … Continue reading

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A Simple Guide to Anorectal Abscess

A Simple guide to Anorectal abscess——————————————- What is Anorectal abscess?———————————–Anorectal abscess is a pocket of pus in the anal region below the anal sphincter muscles. Perianal abscess lies within the external anal sphincter. Ischiorectal abscess is situated above the anal … Continue reading

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