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DOC HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT? A Simple Guide to your weight loss program involve 2 main components:1.Control Diet 2.Burn up Calories Control Diet1.) Drink More Water Drinking water 8 to 10 times each day to stay hydrated and healthy. … Continue reading

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DOC HOW DO I KNOW WHETHER MY STOOL IS NORMAL Actually many people do not know the definition of diarrhea. They define the word diarrhea as watery stools where in fact the word diarrhea means any stools which are softer … Continue reading

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DOC I HAVE BIRD FLU Bird Flu or more correctly, avian flu is new strain of influenza virus H5N1 which can infect humans. It has been around for 1987 and was expected to be the next big pandemic to hit … Continue reading

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DOC I HAVE BEEN BITTEN BY BED BUGS What are Bed Bugs? A Bed Bug is an insect called Cimex lectularius which is a small living insect that one can hardly see with the naked eye. Bed bugs can be … Continue reading

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DOC HOW DO I MANAGE MY ANGER Anger is an emotion which is experienced by kids and adults alike as a normal response to interference by others in a negative manner. Anger is a normal response to such a situation. … Continue reading

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DOC I AM A VEGETARIAN A Vegetarian Diet is important for those people who opt for Optimal Personal and Environmental Health. It’s been well documented through the years that vegetarians are healthier than people who eat meat. Vegetarians are less … Continue reading

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DOC WHAT IS MASSAGE THERAPY? What is Massage Therapy? Massage therapy is a form of therapy that a licenced massage therapist or physiotherapist does massage of painful muscles or the body to improve blood circulation in a patient. Besides being … Continue reading

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